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Lee Baucom's Save The Marriage Review: REAL? LEGIT? SCAM?

Published December 9, 2013

Save The Marriage Review

What Is The Save The Marriage Program?

The Save The Marriage program was authored by Lee Baucom who is a specialist in proven marriage therapy techniques. He worked in this field for quite some time after which he came to the conclusion that these methods do not produce the results that they are expected to produce; most of the time they worsened the problems in the marriage. This is is why he opted to write this program. This program mainly seeks to help people to avoid divorce at all costs. There are quite a number of issues that he addresses in the program and the issues have been split into different chapters. Below we will take a look at what he addresses chapter by chapter.
  • Chapter One
    In the first chapter of the Save The Marriage Program, Lee seeks to explain the reason as to why he does not see the traditional marriage counseling option as being an effective one. He explains the need for effective communication for the success of a marriage but he goes on to show how it is not the most important factor.
  • Chapter Two
    In the second chapter of the Save The Marriage program Lee seeks to address the numerous control issues that usually arise in marriage. He also takes a strike at the power struggles that result from them that usually make the problems worse.
  • Chapter Three
    The Save The Marriage Program’s third chapter provides the recipe for the success of a marriage. This recipe requires three major ingredients and an explanation is given on the best way to make them work together to give positive results.
Is Save The Marriage Legit?

  • Chapter Four
    In this chapter of the Save The Marriage program the purpose of marriage is explained. Further explanations are provided to highlight how a good number of the married couples usually have no idea of what that purpose is. Lee also goes further to provide the crucial element in very marriage without which a marriage is destined to fail.
  • Chapter Five
    The fifth chapter of the Save The Marriage program is very simple, it gives the ‘3 Simple Secrets to any Successful Marriage’. Simply put, this chapter lays everything out for you on a silver platter; the real secrets to getting the kind of marriage that you desire.
  • Chapter Six
    This chapter shows you how you can turn things around when your marriage begins to go down the drain.
  • Chapter Seven
    The seventh chapter seeks to help you to stop questioning whether or not you still love each other. Lee gives you a number of ways you can use to rekindle your lost love and emotions.
  • Chapter Eight
    Here, emotional issues are thoroughly discussed, particularly anger.
  • Chapter Nine
    In this chapter of the Save The Marriage program, Lee helps you to understand how every person views themselves as the center of their universe and why problems arise each time they are diametrically opposed in a certain area.
  • Chapter Ten
    In this chapter, Lee gives an in depth discussion of the role played by boundaries in relationships. It is one chapter that will help you learn a lot about letting your partner be. Every relationship comes with its own boundaries and not respecting these boundaries simply results in problems. It only requires 4 basic steps to come up with the required boundaries and Lee shows you the proper way of doing so to avoid confrontations.
    Lee also goes further to explain how men are wired to take very necessary step to keep the pace even if it means having to let go of the boundaries that have been set up.
  • Chapter Eleven
    This focuses on helping you to trust your partner and avoid coming up with stories about them being mad at you when in the real sense they are not. A number of lessons on forgiveness have also been given.
  • Chapter Twelve
    Instructions are given on the four stages of true intimacy from the conception of the relationship to the point where you get serious with one another.
  • Chapter Thirteen
    This chapter shows you the quick influence that mood swings can have on relationships.
  • Chapter Fourteen
    Among the greatest barriers to change is choosing to live in the past instead of the present. This is what is addressed in this chapter.
  • Chapter Fifteen
    A good number of couples have a certain attitude towards sex in marriage and this chapter seeks to explain how fast sex can turn into a major problem. You get to know of a different perspective to sex; one that will allow both you to get satisfied and grow the level of intimacy in your relationship.
  • Chapter Sixteen
    Money should not always be a source of dispute in your marriage; it can actually be turned into a catalyst to help both of you achieve better growth and understanding. There are questions that are provided at the close of the chapter to help you discover the origin of money thoughts in your life.
  • Chapter Seventeen
    If you are really looking to have a going and growing relationship, there is no way you can allow it to stand stagnant for any period of time This is what is addresses in this chapter of the Save The Marriage Program.
Is Save The Marriage a Scam?

Lee basically gives a clearer understanding of the many issues that many marriages face today. He then provides an easier method to help one understand the psychology that is at work in marriage and the relationship that thy have with their spouse. This program is one that is extremely beneficial.
We are living in a fast evolving and fast paced society today. Thing have really changed and so have the foundations that used to hold society together; marriage being one of them. The divorce rates today are very higher and they continue to grow with each passing day. Marriages are breaking every other day and the worst part is that they do not take a long Tim before they break. The culture of family in the society is fast eroding. This is not a good thing as it destabilizes the society in a big way. The fact that marriages are braking does not mean that yours should also break; it is possible to save your marriage. Buy yourself a copy of the Save The Marriage program and get to do so today.





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